Member Benefits...

A. Luncheons with world-renown professionals, Harvard Faculty, and entertaining speakers on local/world affairs, public policy, business, law, medicine, education, the arts, and many additional topics.

B. Afternoon & Evening Events featuring onsite Company Tours, CEO “Inside Stories,” & presentations with local leaders of Industry & the Arts.  Experience everything our grand community has to offer!

C. Continuing Education opportunities online and with visiting Harvard faculty/administrators as well as local educators on national/world topics and trends.

D. Invitations to FREE Harvard Club of Sarasota events including local Happy Hours and University sponsored special events and activities. 

E. Annual Directory featuring your neighboring alumni contacts and information.

F. Online Newsletter providing updates on events and articles of interest.

G. Discounts on University books, publications, online webinars and live seminars.

H. Opportunities to Give Back - Help change a life! Mentor local students & volunteer in our community!  The rewards are boundless!

I. Opportunities to Lead - Participate in our Club and its adminstration to help our Club meet your needs and those of all Harvard Alumni in the area!!  Apply your expertise and make a difference!  Contact your Club President via email and let us know how you'd like to get involved!  We welcome your input and look forward to your participation.



WHY BECOME A MEMBER of the Harvard Club of Sarasota?

Past-President Walt Ulin shares his personal experience