Announcing: DECEMBER 9, 2016 Luncheon with, Dr. Herbert Kaufman - Harvard Medical School '56 Magna Cum Laude, AOA, & Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration

Join us on Friday, 12/9/16, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm for a discusson with Dr. Herbert Kaufman, Professor of Ophthalmology, Pharmacology, and Microbiology Emeritus, LSU Medical School, on "What Do We Do About Drugs - Especially Pot, Pills, & Heroine?" - MICHAEL'S ON EAST, SARASOTA


 Join us as Dr. Kaufman discusses ways our attitudes about marijuana and other drugs have been formed as well as what actually happens in those states where recreational marijuana has been legalized and to learn more about the relationship between the prohibition of drugs, organized crime, and impacts on both society and the individual.
Harvard Medical School - The Benefactor (Inside Fall 2016):

    For Herbert Kaufman, MD ’56, his time as a student at Harvard Medical School is not defined by hours spent in the classroom or on clinical rounds. It is far more than the education he received; it is about the attitudes he encountered.


     Kaufman can recount myriad stories of remarkable faculty interactions, like when he wanted to learn about tissue cultures. Hoping that this knowledge would help him get a job at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Kaufman approached Nobel Prize winner John Enders, AM ’22, PhD ’30, for guidance. Enders immediately agreed to be a mentor, leading Kaufman to not only get the NIH job, but to discover a groundbreaking therapy for herpes virus keratitis, marking the first treatment of any human disease caused by a virus and, in effect, opening up the field.


“The faculty at Harvard Medical School treat their students as equals. Equally as smart, capable, and talented, they simply don’t know as much yet,” says Kaufman. “Where else could I have studied with and received guidance from world-renowned scientists and clinicians like it was nothing? I was always treated like a colleague, and that is exceptional.”


It is this philosophy— one of openness and encouragement—that Kaufman took with him to the University of Florida and Louisiana State University, where he built leading ophthalmology departments and won numerous awards for his teaching. Pointing out that all medical knowledge becomes outdated within a few years, Kaufman challenges his students to have the curiosity and drive to answer the unanswered questions.


JOIN US on DECEMBER 9th, 2016 for an engaging discussion with Dr. Herb Kaufman on the question of "What Do We Do About Drugs - Especially Pot, Pills, & Heroine?"