Membership/Who Is Eligible?


If you fit into any of the categories below, you are eligible to join the Club and we strongly encourage you to do so!

  • Alumni/ae, as defined in the Harvard University Affiliation Key, including:
  • Graduates of the College, Graduate & Extension Schools and Post-Graduate Programs;
  • Individuals who have completed Certificate programs designated in the following:

Harvard Degree Affiliation Key

AA        Associate in Arts

AAE      Associate in Arts, Extension Studies

ADA     Adjunct in Arts

AMP    Advanced Management Program

CAD     Certificate of Advanced Studies, Extension School

CAP      Certificate of Applied Science, Extension School

CAS      Certificate of Advanced Studies, Graduate School of Education

CMS     Certificate of Museum Studies, Extension School

CPC      Certificate, Publishing & Communication, Extension School

CPH     Certificate of Public Health, Extension School

CSS      Certificate of Special Studies, Administration & Management

GSO     Graduate Study Only Certificate Program

HRP     Harvard Radcliffe Program

IA         Industrial Administrator

IAF       FAS International Affairs Fellow

IMP      Combined Advanced & Senior Management Program

INS       Institute of Politics, JFK School of Government

IOP      Former Fellow KSG Institute of Politics

IST       Radcliffe Institute

ITP       International Teachers Program

LF         Loeb Fellows, Graduate School of Design

ME       Mining Engineer

MET     Metallurgical Engineer

MOC    Mid Officer's Certificate, Graduate School of Business Administration    

NF        Nieman Fellows Program GSAS                       

NSC      Naval Supply Corps School, Graduate School of Business Administration     

PD        Post-Doctorate Study, Dental School                 

PDS      Post-Doctorate Study Degree Program               

PLD      Program, Leadership Development                            

PMD    Program, Management Development                 

SEF       KSG Senior Executive Fellow                       

SMP     Senior Management Program                         

TUP     Trade Union Program, Graduate School of Business Administration          

VC       Veteran's Certificate, Graduate School of Business Administration


  • Harvard University Faculty (current/retired/past professors, instructors) and senior Officers (current/retired/past), with at least one year’s tenure;
  • Current students and their parents (complimentary membership – no dues);
  • Honorary Members (dues-paying):
  • Non-Alum Widow/Widower of deceased Alum;
  • Parents of Harvard Alums;
  • Recipients of Honorary Degrees from Harvard;
  • Select Board-recognized individuals who have contributed in an outstanding manner to the Club;